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Do You Know Changed Choices

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Did you know that Grace Covenant Church is helping to meet the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of nearly 1,000 women each year? Our congregation supports the work of Changed Choices in a number of ways: GCC provides office space for five of their staff members, a venue for volunteer orientation and training sessions, and space for counseling to meet the needs of formerly incarcerated women who are looking to make changes in their lives.
Our church is grateful to be used as a small part of God’s provision for Changed Choices and for the women and children we serve. As Paul wrote to the church in Thessalonica, “I give thanks to God always for all of you.”
(I Thessalonians 1:2)

Why I Volunteer for Changed Choices

Joana Lindstrom

Volunteering to serve imprisoned women has been a great way to serve the Lord. Being accepted to serve through Changed Choices is a privilege.  Giving myself away helps me as much as I help others.  I find it quite difficult to feel badly about my own circumstances while I’m helping someone who is much less fortunate.

There are many places to volunteer, but I believe prison ministries are often overlooked. Why?  Maybe it’s the idea that women in prison deserve to be there.  Or, perhaps some believe that these women have a debt to pay to society, and they should feel the full weight and consequences of the choices that landed them there.

Everyone deserves a second chance. Everyone is worthy of love.  Everyone deserves a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, a hand to pull him or her up, and support to guide him or her on the correct path. I am grateful to have the privilege of serving women in prison through Changed Choices as I also traipse through this journey of life.

The apostle Paul wrote, “Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow-prisoners, and those who are ill-treated as if you yourselves were suffering.”(Hebrews 13:3)

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