6 Sep

SouthEnd Outreach

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The SouthEnd has been described as the “Heartbeat of Charlotte”. Where retro mixes with contemporary, historical bumps up against trendy, and art intersects commerce. Result: a pulsing, vibrant neighborhood in the city with meteoric growth… today’s South End is a thriving andHistoric-SouthEnd-Charlotte-Sign diverse urban neighborhood with more than 3,200 residents and 1,800 new apartment units being delivered in the next 6-14 months. Our neighborhood boasts eco-friendly apartment communities, high-rise condos, historic lofts, apartments, town homes and houses for singles and growing families.”[1]

We are excited to announce that as of September 1st, we are officially beginning our SouthEnd Outreach ministry in collaboration with Carmel Baptist Church and Church at Charlotte. The process of putting this project together and hiring new staff has been very exciting.  We are eager to see how the Holy Spirit will bless this new ministry as we team up in this joint venture!

This ministry of evangelism and discipleship will be led by Justin Taylor and very specifically focus on the young adults living and working in the SouthEnd. We will be building relationships with local organizations and ministries committed to the Gospel, the Church, and the welfare of South End (e.g. ForCharlotte; CharlotteONE; Apartment Life, etc.).

In addition, we will engage in community events of the South End as occasions for to build relationships with our neighbors. We look forward to meeting them in the galleries, music halls, festivals, etc. In the future, we foresee the development of small groups, classes, and Sunday evening worship services which are specifically developed for the young adults.

Plan on hearing from Justin as he engages all of the Grace Covenant in this process!


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