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What’s New with Faith, Hope, and Love

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 Volunteers Needed: Faith Hope & Love (“FHL”) begins on Sept. 12th. with 4 new students (total of 16). FHL ministers to inner city children who have are behind grade level and need assistance with schoolwork. Our goal is to bring the child up to grade level and above, improve behavior, and strengthen the family, producing children well equipped to become positive members of the community.

Our unique program offers each student one adult mentor every day, MondayThursday from 5:00-6:00pm. Each mentor works with one child on their homework and forms a relationship the child will never forget. The children need you to partner with them to help them succeed and it only takes an hour of your time. Please contact the new Program Director, Kevin McGrew via , 843 240-8414 or Kristy Davis @  , 704 516-6595 for more information.
Please note!!  The FHL room in the CE Building received a facelift from top to bottom. The refreshed room was revealed to the students and community during a reception held on September 6th.  Stay tuned for a full recap and photos in the next newsletter.

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