22 Jun
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SouthEnd Outreach Bible Study

By: Julia Peskir | | 1 Comment
The South End is the fastest growing zip code in the US, known for its “walkability”, accessibility and creativity. Half of its residents are vibrant young adults who love genuine community, raw authenticity, and good conversation. Several weeks ago, we began a Bible Study at Central Coffee, just a block down from Grace Covenant Church. It’s a place where we’ve been able to connect, be honest, and dig deeply into Scripture – all in a conversational way. What began with five of us around a couple tables has grown quickly in a short amount of time. Last night, we had four new folks with us, including our first walk-in. The seventeen of us had to use every table in the room (and bring in extra chairs!), as these young men and women bent over their Bibles, poring over the words of Scripture. Plus, we’ve gotten to know the guys at Central who brew us up a big pot of coffee and bake us fresh zucchini bread. All glory to God!
After closing time, the zucchini bread follows us to the FHL room at GCC, where we relax, carry on the conversation, and just hang out. If you’re interested in exploring faith in a non-threatening way, or growing deeply as a disciple, you are warmly welcome and invited – coffee’s on me!
Tuesdays at 6:30pm, Central Coffee, 1700 Camden Rd.
~Pastor Justin Taylor

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