15 Jul

Mission trip to Guatemala

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John and Wendy Marus recently returned from a short-term missions trip to Guatemala – here is an update from them:

8“This year during our trip to Comitancillo, Guatemala, we were encouraged as we saw growth in the church we disciple. We saw them provide for each other by offering marriage Bible studies, children’s programs, and raising money among their congregation to fund their needed building projects. Before we left home, John and I spent some time with Brian and Kristina Franklin as they prepared us with marriage 7materials to present to the leadership of the church. We had ten Guatemalan couples attend the marriage ministry and commit to working on these studies in the coming year. This was huge, as of two years ago there were not enough men in the church to have this ministry. Please join us in praying for the church in Comitancillo – the spiritual fight for marriage and family is severe. However, it was amazing to see the congregation’s faith grow in different ways as God is challenging and stretching them.


I was reunited with a little girl, Myrna, whom I first met 5 years ago. She came to me the first day at church, gave me a big hug, and did not leave 1my side for the rest of the week. Her mother accepted Christ sometime around our first visit, and has now started taking her girls to church each week, where they are learning scripture through the Awana program. This year we saw a light and hope in their family that only God can provide!

We also had the opportunity to visit with several local families in their homes. We talked and prayed with them and shared the gospel, and we had the opportunity this year to go to a local school and teach some classes in English and do activities with the 5students. One family we visited was very poor – a mother with five children, whose alcoholic husband she has not seen in over a year. The young boys shine shoes in the market (Sundays and Wednesdays) to try to help make money for their family. On a successful day they make about 10Q, which is about $1.50. The day we visited the family, the boys had not made any money at the market because the competition was too great, so we had several members of our team get shoe shines that day! It was a fun experience that really helped the family.

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There are too many stories to share in this one post but if anyone is interested we would be happy to share more of the ministry in Guatemala.”


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